Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Angaraki Chaturthi

Angaraki : The chaturthi which falls on a Tuesday is called Angaraki. Angar means the planet Mars (Mangal) or earth(bhumi). Ganesh is the presiding deity of Mars just as He is of the earth. Ganesh and Mars, both have the same complexion.On the day of Angaraki, the Ganesh frequencies reach the earthin greater quantities and those from the Mars too reach the earth. Consequently, most of the frequencies emitted from the moon are destroyed. Hence the benefit obtained by performing 'angarika vinayaki' and 'angarika sankashti' is equivalent to that obtained by performing all the vinayakis and sankashtis respectively, throughout the year. Angaraki unlike other vowed religious observances (vrat) is not performed throughout the day and night. It is an observance lasting for five prahars (one prahar is a period of about three hours), four during the day and one at night. According to the ritual, a meal should be taken at moonrise. Thus that meal becomes a part of the ritual and is not partaken to conclude the fast.
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For fasting on this day I made ' Shabudanyache Thalipith '

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