Sunday, November 29, 2009

5 Grain Porridge

5 Grain Porridge
This is a healthy alternative for cornflakes in morning. Good in winter as it produces heat in the body. Basically this is a mixture of 5 grains, coarsely ground. You can store this for couple of months.

1 cup Bajari (Pearl millet)
1 cup Rice
1 cup Jowar (Sorghum)
1 cup wheat
1 cup whole Moog (whole mung beans with skin on)
½  cup Til /  sesame seeds roasted
2 tsp Oowa / Ajwain Roasted (Carom seeds Roasted)
2 cups water
Salt to taste

1)      1)Roast  separately all the grains on low flame. In thick bottom pan.
2)      2) Ground separately all grains coarsely. Sesame and carom seeds as well.
3)      3)Mix all the grains, sesame and carom seeds.
1)     1) Boil water in thick bottom Pot. Add salt.
2)     2) Mix 3 tbsp above prepared mixture in ½ water and add to boiling water.
3)     3) Keep on stirring  while its cooking. Cook for 15-20 min.
4)      4)Serve with milk or buttermilk.  (Recipe for buttermilk in Spicy sago)

Nachnyachi Ambil (Ragi / Finger Millet Sour Porridge)

Nachnyachi Ambil (Ragi / Finger Millet Sour Porridge)
Good in summer as it cools body. Good source of Protein and calcium too.
2 tbsp finger millet flour
2 cups water
1 garlic clove
1tsp cumin seeds
Salt to taste
Buttermilk or yogurt while serving.
Can serve with milk / coconut milk, then don’t add garlic and cumin instead add sugar and cardamom.

1)       1) In thick bottom pot boil water.
2)    2) Add crushed garlic, cumin and salt. And boil for 5-6 min.
3)    3) Mix finger millet flour in a separate bowl with water and then add to boiling water to prevent clumps.
4)    4) Boil for 3-4 min.
5)    5) Cool and serve with buttermilk. ( Buttermilk recipe in Spicy sago)

Nutritive value of Ragi per 100 g
Protein 7.3 g
Fat 1.3 g
Carbohydrate 72 g
Minerals 2.7 g
Calcium 3.44 g
Fibre 3.6 g
Energy 328 kCal