Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vanilla cake

On the eve of my husband birthday I prepared a cake. The photo above includes the Vanilla cake , which I made within no time and finished within no time as well lol :) .
The rest is the Japanese dinner we had which includes Vegetable Udon Noodles and Grilled eggplant in red Miso and red wine and for drinks was Japanese Sakee .

The recipe for cake is here :  Vanilla cake .
Its an vegan recipe, but I made it vegetarian i.e, 
I replaced 
Margarine by Ghee ( as i didn't had butter at home )
Rice flour by Plain flour
Fructose by Caster sugar
I didn't used coco powder instead I used only Vanilla extract.
and the main point is I made thin layer of batter in a baking tray instead of thick, so it didn't even took much time to bake as well.
It was really a delicious efforts I made, as you can see above :)
Enjoy Baking

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